Personal Training

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The personal training team at Muscle Garden Health + Fitness Centre offers personal training sessions which are custom designed to maximize results. Every program is personalized and utilises the proven Muscle Garden training methods, designed by founder Kay Nyenuh. Clients will have a body composition scan done on our industy best InBody Body Composition Analyser and have photos taken at various intervals to gauge results.

Personal training packages:


18 sessions based on a minimum of 3 sessions per week over 6 weeks to kickstart your health and fitness goals. This is a no-excuses, goal oriented program which will challenge you but will help you achieve the maximum results over the shortest period of time.


The 12 week lifestyle package is our most popular PT pack. 36 sessions based on a minimum of 3 sessions per week over 12 weeks where the focus is on smashing those short term health and fitness goals. Clients with weight loss goals have lost anywhere between 5kg to 16.6kg on this program.


72 sessions based on a minimum of 3 sessions per week over six months is designed to achieve long term health and weight loss goals. Typically this program results in the client making permanent changes to their health lifestyle.


The great money saver! Put a small group of friends or work colleagues together, commit to a minimum of two sessions a week and Muscle Garden Health + Fitness Centre will do the rest. Designed to work with groups of all levels of fitness – the focus of these sessions is fun and team work. A sneaky approach to achieving results.

“At 44 (yikes!), I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my life. Yes, I know this is all down to my hard work and commitment, but Kay is right there on my journey too. He’s always there supporting, guiding and pushing me. And from what I have seen, this is his approach with every Muscle Garden client – the passion and enthusiasm for what he does is very real and very contagious.”
Kylie Porter.