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About Muscle Garden

Muscle Garden was founded April 16th 2012 first as a personal training business training clients out of parks in and around Mackay. Muscle Garden Personal Training was founded by Personal Trainer Kay Nyenuh with a burning desire to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. On August 31st 2013 Muscle Garden Health & Fitness Centre soon followed to create a gym environment where people were treated like human beings and not just numbers. A fitness facility where people are greeted by their names when they walk through the door. A fitness facility where people are supported, motivated and encouraged to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Our Intent: to help you improve your quality of life.

Our Vision: we exist to help improve the quality of human life.

Our Values: Leading by example. Our Muscle Garden Family First. No Intimidation. Constant Motivation. People Not Numbers. Trust. Provide Service Second to None.

Everyone is welcome at Muscle Garden to the confines of our values. Our passion is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals and being at the top of their mental game. We strongly believe anything is possible if you want it bad enough. How Bad Do You Want It!

Key Messages:

What we do here at Muscle Garden is Timeless and Ageless. It's not another fitness craze, fad or trend. It's good old fashion treating people like they are human beings and not numbers.

We understand what it feels like to be treated like a nobody. What we do at Muscle Garden is greet our members by their names when they walk through the door. What we do at Muscle Garden is keep constant engagement with our Muscle Garden Family.

Fitness is not something you do for a season. It is something you do for life - we are here to help you along that journey.

We care and want you to succeed - we are here to help you get motivated. 

At Muscle Garden we are a Family, here to welcome you, challenge you, support you and help you live a healthy and happy life.

Ask yourself - at age 80 years old would you want to be in a wheelchair due to inactivity or out playing golf - would you want to walk freely or with a cane. Do it because your quality of life matters and we are here to help you. 

Build your body to last because if you don't use it you will lose it.

How Bad Do You Want It?

What Makes Us Unique:

Personally ring our members when we don’t see them

We don’t welcome intimidation

90% of our family are on programs provided by us and are encouraged to get out on the floor to do weights

Free Strength Training Classes for Seniors

Boot camp with changing locations to explore Mackay

Greet our family by name when they walk in the door

We believe supplements are a waste of money, so we show you how to get healthy using all natural products and techniques

Muscle Garden was started to fill the gap in what was missing in Gyms in the region

Local business that started here in Mackay, from training clients one on one in the Park to where we are today in a fully functional 24/7 state of the art facility

We are not a franchise


Come and join our Muscle Garden Family today and we will help you achieve your health and fitness goals - Big or Small. 

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