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About Muscle Garden

Muscle Garden Health & Fitness Centre is a 24/7 state-of-the-art fitness facility that provides a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment for the everyday mums and dads who feel intimidated or out of place in mainstream gyms.

With 24/7-access to our facility, this means you can train at any hour of the day that you want. All our classes from Boxing to our unique Running Fit and Functional Fitness Group Training sessions are included in our affordable membership fees, giving you variety of training options at no extra cost.

Our Personal Trainers, led by head trainer and owner Kay Nyenuh, deliver a personalised, fun-filled and result-driven one on one personal training and small group training sessions as well as in-house fitness challenges that push our clients to achieve results that they didn’t think was possible before.

Founded in 2012, by Owner and Director Kay Nyenuh, Muscle Garden Health & Fitness Centre first started as a Personal Training business working with clients one on one in parks around Mackay after Kay – a self-confessed fitness fanatic and avid people person - decided it was time to combine his love for fitness with his passion for helping people.

Coming from a childhood of helplessness living on multiple refugee camps as a result of war, Kay understood what it meant to be in a position of needing help and as such he developed a genuine passion for helping people. It is the beautiful combination of these two strong passions that is responsible for the success of our clients and business.

Understanding why a vast majority of everyday people avoided gyms, in 2013 Kay opened Muscle Garden Health & Fitness Centre to create an environment where everyday people of all shapes, sizes, ages or gender felt welcomed and comfortable, supported and encouraged to achieve their health and fitness goals big or small so that they could live life well.

Our Intent: To help you improve your quality of life

Our Vision: To help everyday people live their best life.

Our Values: Family. People not numbers. Zero intimidation. Constant engagement and accountability. Empathy. Trust. Continuous Improvement. Provide a service second to none.

What makes us unique:

  • Family – our members feel part of a support network bigger than just a gym.
  • People, Not Numbers – we understand what it feels like to be treated like a nobody, so we treat our members like human beings, not numbers.
  • Welcoming – we greet our members by their names when they walk through the doors.
  • ZERO Intimidation – we have a gym environment that is free of any form of intimidation, so our members feel comfortable to train and never out of place.
  • Staff – we have the friendliest, encouraging, knowledgeable and most supportive staff you could ask for.
  • Exercise Programs - from a beginner to an experienced gym goer, we offer our members fitness assessments and gym programs to help them understand what to do in a gym, stay on track and achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • Accountability – for those moments when our members lack motivation and not using their gym membership, we personally give them a courtesy phone call after two weeks to see how they are doing and how we can help them get back on track.
  • Community - We believe as a community we are stronger together and as such we are actively involved with spreading the message of a healthy and active lifestyle in our society.
  • FREE Boot Camps for the community every month at different locations.
  • FREE Strength Training for Seniors every Saturday.
  • Boot Camp for Charity every year to raise funds for local charities.
  • Support Local Charity Events – like the Mackay Marina Run, Run for MI Life, Beach to Gardens and more.
  • FREE kids play area
  • Signup Online Anywhere and Anytime
  • Affordable – memberships start from as little as $20.95 per week with all classes and boot camps included.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

Plant the seed today and we will help you grow it.

Would you like to try our gym for Free? Call us to book your FREE one-week trial today! 07 4944 0119 / 0408 780 801

At Muscle Garden we strongly believe that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

We are here to welcome you, support you, challenge you and help you live a healthy and happy life.

How Bad Do You Want It?