KAY NYENUH Founder/Owner, Trainer and Manager of Muscle Garden

I want you to stop for a second and imagine a world where somebody could train for you so that you could get the results. Hmm... Wouldn't that be nice? This is what I found myself thinking about few years before I started Muscle Garden. I had no problem whatsoever training myself for hours. But whilst I had no issue with motivation to train, I found this wasn't the case with everyone. So I thought, what if I could train for people so that they could get the results? Unfortunately this wasn't possible so the only other way I could think of to help people achieve their health and fitness goals was to become a Personal Trainer.

A qualified Personal Trainer with years of experimenting with different exercises and techniques on myself, in 2012 I started Muscle Garden Personal Training. I started training my clients in parks and then out of a mate's gym. With scores of successful personal training clients, I knew it was time to offer this experience in a fully functional health and fitness environment and implement the ways I believe gyms should be run that I hadn't seen in gyms before - treating peoole like human beings and not numbers.


Myself and my team here at Muscle Garden Health + Fitness Centre offer clients access to a wide variety of training options, all designed with achieving personal results. Love the concept of Muscle Garden Health and Fitness Centre but are confident enough to train on your own?  Muscle Garden Health + Fitness Centre offers very affordable gym memberships with a service that is second to none. Our gym features a wide array of weight machines, cardio equipment and free weights in a supportive, intimate environment. We also offer unlimited access to all of our classes and boot camps when you sign up.  

Exercise plays a vital role in my life. Why? The answer is simple. It works. At Muscle Garden, we are driven by the results we see in our clients. Join our Muscle Garden Family today and we will help you improve your quality of life.