About Morgan Patey

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Hi, my name is Morgan. I am a personal trainer/gym assistant at Muscle Garden.

The most important role for me is ensuring you enter and leave the gym enjoying what you do within our walls.

My involvement in sport and fitness started at a young age, I attended the Glasgow School of Sport, this allowed me to train full time as well as having an education. This opened up many opportunities from representing my country at a national level for Triple Jump, meeting The Queen at Buckingham Palace but most importantly allowed me to find a career which I am passionate about.

My journey in sport is interesting as it allowed me to understand the meaning of hard work and dedication. In the beginning I faced some difficult hurdles, I didn’t actually get my break until 4 years of solid hard work, dedication and consistency. Therefore, I believe solely on the saying “it’s not how good you are, it is how good you want to be”.

Before moving down under, I worked with a wide variety of clients from young to old, professional athletes and those with special needs implicating a variation of training and coaching methods.

With a great knowledge and understanding for helping people develop and reach goals, I can assist you in getting you where you want to be both physically and mentally.

Muscle Garden is more than a gym; it is a home away from home. Being able to work within an environment with great metrics and values that allow its members and staff to become a family and have a great attitude towards health and fitness, it is a privilege. The experience you receive within this gym is like no other!