About Jacob Duffy

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JACOB DUFFY Personal Trainer


Hi, my name is Jacob Duffy. I am a Personal Trainer here at Muscle Garden.

Muscle Garden is a health and fitness centre where we take pride in providing a comfortable, family like environment for the everyday Mum and Dad.

As a family, we encourage, motivate and push each other to be better than we were yesterday.

My love for health and fitness was sparked when I first stepped into a boxing gym at the age of 13. In this time, I have had over 50 fights as an Amateur Boxer, winning golden gloves, state and national titles. I live the benefits of exercise every single day and am grateful to be in the position where I can have such a positive influence on our members' health and fitness goals and this is why I love what I do.

Want to book a session with Jacob? Contact 0408 780 801 today!